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5 things to do before you get out of bed

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  • Determine that it is going to be a great day - The mindset you start your day with has a significant impact on how you manage stress and get through your day. Therefore, a positive mindset will increase the probability of having a positive day.
  • Identify one thing that you a grateful for - It is often easier to focus on the things around us that are not going well as compared to everything that we have that is a blessing. Take sometime and identify, acknowledge and appreciate the things that you are grateful for and use gratitude as a lens from where to perceive life.
  • Set your goal/intention for the day - Whether it’s a goal related to eating healthy or a work related goal, identifying exactly what you would like to accomplish at any given time is the first step to actualizing it.
  • Inhale in and exhale out - Deep breathing can generally help with muscle relaxation and further aid with stress management.
  • Remind yourself that you are valuable and worthy of every good and amazing thing that comes your way today - because - YOU ARE!


       Caroline. C - co-owner

       M.A Counselling Psychology



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