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Simple Ways to Recharge Regularly

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What if, everyday, we took some time out to recharge as often as we recharged our cell phones. We live in a world that seems to constantly demand from us. It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in, we all at one point or another have sighed in exhaustion. Thinking about how I recharge my phone every night before turning in... It usually sits about 15-30% charged at the end of most days, which indicates how much I use it. In many ways, our lives are similarly comparable to our phones. More often than not, people will tend to recharge at the point of burnout, which can be a less proactive way to improve overall wellness. Recent studies suggest that establishing a day to day routine that allows you to recharge can significantly minimize burn out. Here are some simple ways you can recharge on a regular basis without impacting your ability to get things done:
  • Block some time off everyday- whether that's a 30 min or 1 hour block - it makes a world of a difference. Use that time solely for yourself and don’t succumb to the temptation of completing a "quick task". Make this a selfish moment that serves you only. This might mean watching one of your fav shows, going to get a pedicure or even taking a nice relaxing walk. Find something that actually leaves you refreshed. 
  • Set some working limits and boundaries - Let work be work when its work time and set rigid boundaries when you shut it down not to return to work. This simply means not allowing work time to slip into leisure and chill time.
  • Paying attention to your body and how it responds  and communicates with you. Being mindful of this alone can greatly prevent burn out and can ensure you are taking the necessary measures to stay on top.


Caroline Ciano - Co-Owner, M.A Counselling Psychology

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