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 We have all been down that road, that road that led to poor judgment, that road of disappointment and failed expectation. Where it feels like you got punched in the gut and didn't see it coming.  Where you got stuck in despondency due to past painful experiences and camped there longer than you needed to.  We tend to convince ourselves that we are finding closure when we ruminate repeatedly on the words that were said or the actions portrayed, therefore inflicting pain and picking at a scab that is trying to heal.

You are not what happened to you. What you have been through does not necessarily define who you are.  Only you can decide who you want to be and who you are going to be. The past is the past and that’s why we leave it there, your present is here, eagerly waiting for you to write your story, waiting for you to make new memories, waiting to navigate you to your prospect future. Don’t rob your future by being absent from your present while ruminating on your past.


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