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Urban Sarah Closet is a fashion brand for valuable women who go through life with a unique style, growing, improving, helping other women, and who need to be rewarded for their efforts to be better. We are based out of Edmonton, Canada and we carry fine quality clothing and chic accessory pieces that ignite a sense of confidence and establish authenticity and uniqueness in each individual woman. Our store features our own brand of bags and other products carefully selected from designers in North America and around the world to reflect a unique sense of fashion and style. 

We believe that dressing up and looking great has an instant effect on feeling good. We therefore seek to inspire and empower women to embrace their inner beauty and ultimately live their best life.

Our mission is to break the stigma associated with mental health and through our UZURI initiative, we support mental and emotion wellness initiatives locally and globally.  One percent of all our Canadian net sales is directed towards this initiative. At Urban Sarah Closet we believe we are better women when we help each other and that beauty is not complete if we do not grow in this commitment. For more information visit our UZURI initiative


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