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Designer Story – IMA Wear


What inspired you to come up with your fashion brand IMA Wear?

The drive to be creative is what continues to inspire me. There is so much beauty in this world and if I can catch a fraction of that light and reflect it back into my work that brings me such joy. I’m in love with the colors of the sky and that has shaped this seasons Sunset Collection – based on a series of my paintings Ocean-Meets-Sky.

Tell us about your Journey as a designer & fashion brand owner (what are some of the experiences that have shaped and challenged you to grow)? 

This journey I have chosen has been hard, full of highs and lows. Realizing this creative dream involves a lot of time alone - working, strategizing, designing, dreaming… Through this I have really learned my true sense of independence. Projects that seemed impossible at first glance are now complete, and I did it myself! Don’t get me wrong, I have had a lot of amazing help along the way and would be nowhere without the love and support of my collaborators. This process of actualizing my dream has led to me to know myself better, and I what I am truly capable of – and that is anything. I believe that my work is a direct reflection of who I am, and that is why this is the message that my brand carries.

IMA is mantra

A way of saying

I can do anything

I am that

Who has been a source of inspiration for you as a business owner?

Anabell is one of my clients who owns Kismet, a beautiful boutique in Calgary.  She started off with wool jackets and wooden tables that she brought back from India fifteen years ago. Since then she has created one of the most well-known inner city boutiques. I find this inspiring because it goes to show you that everyone starts somewhere, and the possibilities are endless.

What message would you have for other women who dream to start something?

Start small, go slow, respond rather than react. Always take care of yourself so that you are ready for opportunities as they come your way. Remember your dreams are never set in stone, it is something that continuously unfolds in front of you. Be flexible.

What is your mental and emotional wellness tip you would love to share with us?

I practice yoga and meditate because I love it. Find something you love to practice, and practice it. That outlet helps us stay balanced and strong.


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